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Metropolitan Studies (MS)

Faculty Coordinator:  Kris Wernstedt

During the next generation, more than $40 trillion will be spent reshaping America’s built environment. More than half of all structures existing today will be demolished or reconfigured to serve different functions. New development should exceed 75% of all volume existing today. The magnitude of this change will challenge economic, social, governance, physical, and environmental systems as never before. It is imperative that the broadest number of current and prospective professionals possible appreciate the dynamics underlying this change, and learn how to manage it.

The Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Studies is designed for those who are interested in acquiring a basic understanding of metropolitan development dynamics and the role of policy in influencing them. The certificate is part of the Urban Affairs and Planning program’s overall mission to teach students how to understand, analyze, and influence the forces that shape the metropolitan built environment.

The target population includes current Virginia Tech and other graduate students in all fields, and others with undergraduate degrees who qualify for admission to the certificate program. Admission to the Certificate Program requires an application from a student in either 1) current graduate student status in good standing in Virginia Tech; or 2) non-degree certificate student status.

The certificate requires the completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours of graduate course work. To receive the certificate, students must have a minimum grade point average  of 3.0 for the courses taken.

Courses for those enrolled in the MURP degree

  • Core: Six credit hours from among
    • UAP 5104; Urban and Regional Development Theory
    • UAP 5174:Planning Theory & History
    • UAP 5194: Urban Growth Management
    • UAP 5234: Urban Economy, Equity, & Society
  • Electives: Six credit hours from among other UAP courses including those not used for the core noted above, as approved by the faculty

Courses for those NOT enrolled in the MURP degree

  • Core: Six core credit hours from:
    • UAP 5104: Urban & Regional Development Theory
    • UAP 5194: Urban Growth Management
  • Electives: Six credit hours from among other UAP courses not used from the core noted above and not appearing on the MURP plan of study, as approved by the faculty.