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Erin Mooney

Special Research Faculty, Greater Washington, D.C., Metro Area, Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance
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12011 Government Center
Parkway, Ste. 620
Fairfax, VA 222312
  • M. A., Community Counseling, Marymount University, Arlington, VA, 2010
  • M. A., Psychology, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA   1991
  •  Title II and Title XVI Social Security Benefits initial eligibility and continuing eligibility
  • Child welfare, revenue maximization specifically in support of foster care and adoptions and child protective services programs
  • Select Federal, state, and local regulations affecting child welfare
  • Human Service public policy
  • Interagency Public Policy Collaboration
  • Data Management
  • 2008-present: Special Research Faculty, Federal Reimbursement Unit, Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance
  • 2001-2008: Classified Staff
  • Fiscal impact for the county since 2001 exceeds $80M
  • Between 2003 and 2019 multiple grant awards to the university over $6.1M
  • Collaborate with Federal, State, County, and local human services agency program management and staff on policy and practice topics related to child welfare, federal entitlement programs, revenue maximization, funding sources, and the implementation of division and agency procedures
  • Analyze case files of youth in receipt of foster care services to maximize
    revenues for Title II, Title XVI, Title IV-D
  • Work in collaboration with multiple county partners/stakeholders to include the Fairfax County’s Department of Family Services Foster Care and Adoptions management and staff, Social Security Administration staff, Fairfax District Office of the Division of Child Support Enforcement staff, Fairfax County’s Department of Family Services Finance Department staff and Fairfax County’s  Self-Sufficiency management and staff to achieve required goals of the position as well as the university meeting its contractual obligations to the County
  • Maintain knowledge of all relevant Federal, State, and local regulations, laws, and policies related to revenue maximization initiatives through a review of publications and information from the Virginia Department of Social Services website, the Social Security Administration, DCSE, and other relevant sources to ensure expert knowledge in the information for which this position is responsible
  • Provide policy up-dates and briefs to County management and staff following policy changes and changes in interpretation to federal and state regulations, laws, and rules, thus continuing to maximize revenues for the Fairfax County

Provide select statistics and FRU project data for inclusion into multiple weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and procedural manuals, desktop guides, and reports delivered in a variety of formats (descriptive, graphic, spreadsheets and tables including qualitative and qualitative data) to university, state, county, and corporate management and staff

  • A small sample includes:
    • FY 2002-2019
    • FY 02-present              VT Federal Reimbursement Unit Annual Report presented to Fairfax/Falls Church Children’s Services Act (CSA) Program Senior Management Team, Fairfax County Dept of Family Services (DFS) Senior Management Team, Fairfax County Dept of Administration and Human Services (DASH) Management
    • FY 03-present              VT Third Party Revenue Report presented to Fairfax/Falls Church Children’s Services Act (CSA) Program Senior Management Team, Fairfax County Dept of Family Services (DFS) Senior Management Team, Fairfax County Dept of Administration and Human Services (DASH) Management, Fairfax/Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) management
    • FY 02-present              Preparation and modification of the annual FRU Standard Operations Procedures Manual to include detailed VISIO flow charts illustrating not only all the processes required for the FRU to perform the team’s work, but also an extensive document directory
  • The Women’s Center, Vienna, VA   2010-2014
  • Provided counseling for adults who were experiencing crisis, trauma and life transitions
  • Screened clients for anxiety, depression and risk of suicide using the Beck Depression Inventory and Beck Anxiety Inventory
  • Provided psychoeducation to clients regarding areas of difficulty, treatment techniques and available resources
  • Created LGBTQ resource guide
  • Conducted intake process on adults with mental health problems, relationship issues and various life concerns
  • Wrote assessments and treatment plans for clients
  • Delivered career counseling services to adults in various stages of their career development, and explored career resources and opportunities with adults interested in vocational change
  • Was a National Certified Counselor