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Edward Weisband

Affiliated Professor, Government and International Affairs (GIA)
Edward Weisband
501 Major WIlliams Hall (0130)
220 Stanger St.
Blacksburg, VA 24061
  • Ph.D., School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 1969
  • M.A., Stanford University, 1965
  • B.A., Princeton University, 1961
  • International Monitoring Regimes
  • Global Accountabilities
  • International Normative and Care Ethics
  • Genocide and Mass Atrocity
  • International Human Security Governance
  • Sustainability and Global Humanitarian Politics
  • Introduction to World Politics
  • Graduate Seminar on International Politics
  • Nations and Nationalities: Cultural Constructions, Collective Identity
  • Senior Seminar on Dictatorships and Extremism
  • Edward Weisband, “The Macabresque: Human Violation in Comparative Analytical Perspectives,” Journal of Genocide Research 21, no. 2 (2019): 323-334;
  • Edward Weisband, “The Suffering of Pain, The Pain of Suffering: Discursivity, Performative Voice, and Conversation Sets,” A paper presented at the 14 th biennial conference of the International Association of Genocide Studies, The Missing Picture: Rethinking Genocide Studies and Prevention panel on “Representing Violence and Suffering: Linguistic, Artistic and Conceptual Frameworks as Limits and Opportunities,” July 17, 2019, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • The Macabresque: Human Violation and Hate in Genocide, Mass Atrocity and Enemy-Making (Oxford University Press, 2017). 
  • Political Culture and the Making of Modern Nation-States (with Courtney I. P. Thomas), (Paradigm Press, 2015).
  • International Political Economy: Navigating the Logic Streams: An Introduction (with Courtney I. P. Thomas) (Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2010).
  • “The Virtues of Virtue: Social Capital, Network Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility” in American Behavioral Scientist, 52:6 (2009) 905-918, Special Edition, Democracy in an Age of Networked Governance: Chartering the Currents of Change.
  • “ On the Aporetic Borderlines of Forgiveness: Bereavement as a Political Form ” in Alternatives 34:4.(2009) 359-381
  • Global Accountabilities: Participation, Pluralism, and Public Ethics (with Alnoor Ebrahim) (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
  • “Verdictive Discourses, Shame and Judicialization in Pursuit of Freedom of Rights.” The Legalization of Human Rights: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights and Human Rights Law (London and New York: Routledge, 2006)
  • Foreign Policy By Congress (Oxford University Press, 1979)
  • Resignation-In-Protest: Loyalty to Team versus Loyalty to Conscience (Viking Press, Penguin, 1975)
  • Secrecy and Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press, 1974)
  • Turkish Foreign Policy: Small State Diplomacy and Great Power Politics (Princeton University Press, 1973). Translated in Turkish (MILLIYET Press, 2006).
  • Word Politics: Verbal Strategy Between the Superpowers (Oxford University Press 1971).
  • The Politics and Economics of Cooperation: A Free Trade Association Among Canada, Britain and the United States (New York University Press, 1969).
  • Human Security
  • Sustainability and Humanitarian Politics
  • Climate Change and Displacement
  • Care Ethics