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    SPIA Student Society

    The SPIA Student Society was formed in October 2020 to foster a sense of community among SPIA students, as well as to provide networking and career opportunities.

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    Community Change , redirect

    Community Change journal is an online, peer-reviewed, graduate student journal affiliated with the VT Institute for Policy and Governance that explores multiple approaches to democratic community development and change. This interdisciplinary journal examines the practices, processes, and individual and collective struggles that produce change at all levels of society. Community Change has adopted a broad definition of community development that includes issues relating to public policy, democratization, collective action, physical and social infrastructure developments, agency, and efficacy. Community Change provides opportunities for graduate students to become acquainted with academic publication processes.

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    Community Change Collaborative (CCC) , redirect

    The Community Change Collaborative (CCC) is a graduate student group affiliated with the VT Institute for Policy and Governance that examines the methods, frameworks, and forces shaping community development, approaches to community engagement, and how to build sustainable, cross-sectoral partnerships. Our interdisciplinary research interests range from the local to the international, applying a variety of qualitative and mixed methods approaches to connect theory and practice for the benefit of our graduate student and faculty members, community partners, practitioners, and researchers interested in community change. Student members meet weekly as a group to explore theories and methods critically, which often leads to lively, educational discussions that inform our professional and personal development.

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    Capital Area Student Planning Association (CASPA)

    The Capital Area Student Planning Association (CASPA) is committed to enhancing the experience of Urban and Regional Planning graduate students in the National Capital Region. There are 3 main components to this: social, professional, and curricular.

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    Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association (GUAPA)

    The Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association, known as GUAPA, provides a creative and professional environment for graduate students to collaborate with peers, faculty, other departments, and the public and private sectors throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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    Public Administrators Of Virginia Tech (PAVT)

    The foremost purpose of Public Administrators of Virginia Tech is to promote scholarly and practical awareness of public administration at Virginia Tech.