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Books and research published by SPIA faculty

VT SPIA is home to a vibrant community of scholars.

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SPIA faculty currently serve on the editorial boards of 31 academic journals including:

Administration & Society (Brian Cook, Karen Hult, and Laura Jensen)
American Review of Public Administration (Patrick Roberts)
Athens Journal of Social Sciences (Max Stephenson)
Congress & the Presidency (Karen Hult)
Environmental Health Perspectives (Steve Hankey, member of editorial review board)
Europe and the World Book Series, Lexington Books (Joel Peters, Co-Editor)
Fast Capitalism (Tim Luke, Co-Editor)
Housing Policy Debate (David Bieri; Tom Sanchez as Editor-in-chief (2010-2021)
International Journal of Sustainable Transport (Ralph Buehler)
Journal of Collaborative Healthcare and Translational Medicine (Shalini Misra)
Journal of Transport and Land Use (Ralph Buehler)
Land (Tom Sanchez)
New Political Science (Tim Luke, Associate Editor)
Opolis (Tom Sanchez)
Policy Studies Journal (Laura Jensen)
Presidential Studies Quarterly (Karen Hult)
Review of Evolutionary Political Economy (Giselle Datz, Associate Editor)
Rhetoric & Public Affairs (Karen Hult)
Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy (Patrick Roberts)
Urban Affairs Review (Maggie Cowell)
Urban and Regional Resilience eJournal (David Bieri, Editor/Curator)
Sustainability (Max Stephenson)
Telos Press Publishing (Tim Luke, Book Line Editor)
Transport Reviews (Ralph Buehler, Book Review Editor)
Transportation Research Part-D (Ralph Buehler)
Transportation Research Record (Ralph Buehler, Associate Editor)
Urban Findings (Tom Sanchez, Editorial Advisory Board)
Urban Planning (Tom Sanchez)
Urban Science (Tom Sanchez)

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