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Welcome to SPIA’s new undergraduate program.

To create future leaders, we need students who have a global perspective, who are able to work collaboratively with diverse people in transdisciplinary settings, engage in critical and creative thinking, and make decisions based on evidence and a deep sense of ethics. It is this vision that underpins our new undergraduate program.

In the fall of 2018, our first cohort of students began one of our two new majors in Smart and Sustainable Cities (SSC) and Environmental Policy and Planning (EPP). Both of these majors are offered as part of a Bachelor of Arts in Public and Urban Affairs (PUA).

The SSC major is completely new and is one of the first majors in the United States to integrate urban analytics and sustainable urbanization.

The EPP major draws from the long and successful legacy of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Planning, and will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to understand complex environmental challenges and develop enduring solutions.

The SPIA Student Society was formed in October 2020 to foster a sense of community among SPIA students as well as to provide networking and career opportunities. Learn more about the SPIA Student Society here.


Ralph Hall
PUA/EPP/SSC Director

Chris LaPlante
Undergraduate Advisor
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