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Accelerated BA / MPIA

Accelerated BA - MPIA

The accelerated BA/MPIA track allows highly qualified students to apply for admission to the graduate MPIA program in the second half of their junior year.  If admitted to the MPIA program, students will pursue the BA and MPIA simultaneously by substituting 5000-level courses for advanced electives (3000 and 4000) in their undergraduate degree.  After completing the undergraduate degree, students will spend a fifth year completing the MPIA by taking the remaining graduate-level courses either in Blacksburg or in Arlington.

Special requirements

  • Students must apply and be accepted through the regular Graduate School channel.  
  • Students must have a GPA of 3.5 or greater and have completed more than 70 undergraduate credits upon applying.
  • GREs are not required.
  • Students must work with their undergraduate advisor and the MPIA program chair to ensure courses count appropriately.

Government and International Affairs (GIA) Contacts

Elia Amegashie, Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Ariel Ahram, GIA Program Chair | 571-858-3123