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Denis Can Teoman

Ph.D. candidate, Planning, Governance, and Gloablization (PGG)

Research Interests

 Denis Teoman is a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech’s School of Planning, Governance and Globalization. Originally from Vienna, Austria, most of his research compares travel behavior and transportation policies in North America and Central Europe (specifically German-speaking countries). Recently, he was part of a group of authors who published a paper on how far people in the US and Germany walk in trips for different purposes. For his dissertation research, Denis examines the travel behavior of immigrants in Vienna, Austria.

Denis earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Geography from the University of Würzburg, Germany, and an MCRP (Master of City and Regional Planning) from Rutgers University. He is a member of the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO).


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  • James, O., Swiderski, J. I., Hicks, J., Teoman, D., & Buehler, R. (2019). Pedestrians and E-Scooters: An Initial Look at E-Scooter Parking and Perceptions by Riders and Non-Riders. Sustainability, 11(20).
  • Merlin, L. A., Teoman, D., Viola, M., Vaughn, H., & Buehler, R. (2021). Redrawing the Planners’ Circle. Journal of the American Planning Association, 87(4), 470–483.
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