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Administration and Society Journal

Editorial operations for the scholarly journal Administration & Society have been housed in the Center for Public Administration and Policy (CPAP) in the School of Public and International Affairs for over 40 years. Professor Emeritus Gary Wamsley, first CPAP director, brought the journal to Virginia Tech and raised its profile significantly over the course of his long tenure as editor. The editor of A&S since 2015 is CPAP Professor Emeritus Brian Cook. Many CPAP PhD students have gained valuable experience with the peer review process and scholarly publishing by serving as editorial assistants and managing editors of A&S. At least 10 current and former CPAP faculty, as well as CPAP alumni/ae now holding tenured faculty positions elsewhere, serve on the A&S editorial board, and faculty, alumni/ae, and students have published frequently in the journal. A&S is widely respected not only in the United States but across the globe, with scholars from more than 25 nations publishing in the journal in just the past three years. The journal receives more than 400 new and revised manuscripts annually. Its Journal Citation Reports one-year ranking is 28 out of 47 Public Administration journals, with an impact factor of 1.698. The five-year ranking is 27 out of 47 Public Administration journals and an impact factor of 1.939. Its SCOPUS CiteScore 2.370 and its SCImago journal rankings (SCJ) are 27 out of 132 in Public Administration and 170 out of 1137 in Sociology and Political Science.