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Summer 2022 Course Offerings

Instructor: Mester
Wednesdays, 4-6:45pm, Online/Synchronous via Zoom
12 Week, May 23-Aug 12
An introduction to local economic development programs. Covers intergovernmental relations, financing techniques, federal and local subsidies, advertising, marketing, public relations, labor market issues, tax considerations, fiscal impact analysis, and land use planning issues. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 9 credits. Graduate standing required.

Instructor: Bredenkamp
Mondays, 6-8:45pm, Online via Zoom
12 Week, May 23-Aug 12
Surveys the key personnel processes of public organizations, the contrasting norms and behaviors of participants, their impacts on policy, and their implications for democracy. 

Instructor: Ralph Hall
June 9 - 23, 2022
Pisa and Apuan Alps, Italy
This study abroad program will provide students with a transdisciplinary perspective on sustainable development and is intended for students interested in planning, policy, economics, business, innovation, environmental studies, and law. The program includes a summer school at the University of Pisa, attendance at 14th Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE), and hiking in the Apuan Alps.

Instructor: Abold - LaBreche
Thursdays, 6-9:00pm
Delivery Mode: Online - synchronous

Instructor: Bailey
Wednesdays, 6-9:00pm
Delivery Mode: In-person in Richmond

Instructor: Ralph Buehler and Todd Schenk
May 30 to June 18th, 2022
Meet policy-makers and other stakeholders, examine some of Europe’s most pressing challenges and innovative solutions, and see a variety of cities through the eyes of locals.

Instructor: Christopher Lawrence, ICMA-CM, Deputy Town Manager, Town of Blacksburg, Virginia Tech graduate - BA Public and Urban Affairs and MPA
Mondays, 4:00-7:00 pm, Online via Zoom
The future of our communities is based heavily on decisions we make today and the plans we make for the future. How we react to opportunities and challenges through the years matters. This course addresses the roles and responsibilities of a local government planning administrator. Topics focus on leadership, organization and operational management, engagement and collaboration, customer service, conflict management, visioning, politics, data analytics and technology, from a manager’s perspective, not just basic tools of a practitioner.
The course is fast paced, engaging, and uses a strong real world case study approach. Guest speakers participate each week to present their experiences and make connections to the weekly topics. No matter what your career plan, the topics, lessons learned, tools and strategies will give you perspectives as you approach community issues and participate as part of the solution to make your community great.