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VMF Application, Interview, and Selection Process Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the application due?
A. Please refer to the website at

Q. Do I include my statement of interest in the cover letter itself or as a separate document?
A. Your cover letter should include a statement of interest in the VMF program and a career in a Commonwealth of Virginia state agency.

Q. Is there a page limit for the cover letter?
A. There is no page limit for the cover letter. However, applicants are encouraged to craft succinct cover letters with deliberate, intentional diction.

Q. Can I resubmit my cover letter or resume if I noticed an error?
A. Applicants may not resubmit any documents after submitting their application.

Q. Is the salary negotiable?
A. This program is funded by the Virginia General Assembly and managed by the Office of the Governor-Secretary of Finance. The program exists as part of Virginia's budget, where the Fellows' salaries and benefits are set. The non-negotiable salary for the position is $52,000 with full benefits as a classified employee of the Commonwealth. Benefits include immediate entry into the Virginia Retirement Systems savings plans and an array of health insurance and wellness benefits. If the salary does not meet your living needs, please consider removing your application from consideration.

Q. When will I know if I will have an interview for the VMF program?
A. Please refer to the website at

Q. How will I be notified about my progress in the selection?
A. Notifications of progress are made via system-generated emails, including announcements of those who move into the interview phase.

Q. When are interviews held?
A. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom.

Q. Do you provide reimbursement for travel to the interview?
A. The Virginia Management Fellows program does not provide reimbursement for travel or parking.

Q. If my interview goes well, what can I expect?
A. We will be making verbal offers via phone call. However, these are contingent upon reference checks, education screening, and a background check.

Q. When does the job start?

Q. Where is the job located?
A. Jobs for the VMF are located in Richmond, VA and fellows are expected to live in the Greater Richmond metro area.

Q. Can I telecommute?
A. There may be opportunity - during an agency rotation - for some limited work from a Fellow's home office. However, the intensity of the training, the seminar sessions and small group work, study, leadership training, and mentoring experiences are all best experienced "in person, hands on, and minds on".

Q. Do program leaders support job search after the 2- year Fellowship?
A. The post-Fellowship job search is led by the Fellow himself or herself. That said, the VMF leaders and mentors provide networking opportunities, resume review, and a variety of supports during the job search. The VMF program is a state succession-planning effort. A critical metric of the program's success is the hiring of Fellow's post-Fellowship. So, all program partners are motivated to help Fellows secure a post in a Commonwealth of Virginia agency.

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