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Yannis Stivachtis

Affiliated Professor, Government and International Affairs (GIA)
  • Professor of Political Science & Jean Monnet Chair
  • Director, Center for European Union, Transatlantic & Trans-European Space Studies (CEUTTSS)
Yannis Stivachtis
119B Major Williams Hall (0448)
220 Stanger St.
Blacksburg, VA 24061
  • Ph.D., Politics & International Relations, University of Lancaster, 1996
  • M.A., International Relations & Strategic Studies, University of Lancaster, 1990
  • Postgraduate Certificate, International Law, Panteion University, Greece, 1989
  • B.A., International Studies, Panteion University, Greece, 1988
  • European Union Strategy, External Relations and Interior Policies
  • European Organizations
  • International and World Order
  • Regional International Systems/Societies (Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East)
  • International Security

International Politics and Security Studies

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