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Max Vandervliet

Master of Urban & Regional Planning

Max Vandervliet is a two-time Virginia Tech graduate (2015 & 2018). His decision to pursue a Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning (MURP) from Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) was based on his rewarding experience as a SPIA undergrad in addition to an ability to leverage his elective credits through the MPA program. Ultimately, this hybrid approach set Max up to conjoin his technical aptitude as a city planner with fine-tuned government administration and public sector management skills.

After completing the MURP program, Max moved to New York where he joined J. Caldwell & Associates and, later, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis as a Planning Associate and Senior Planner, respectively. During his time in the private sector, Max focused on planning, economic development, and general management consulting for New York City/State agencies.

More recently, Max has joined the public sector to work as a Director for a government agency with the City of New York. In this role, he leads a combined staff and board of over 50 while conducting planning and government administration. He attributes his success to both the hard and soft skills learned while pursuing his undergraduate and graduate degrees at SPIA.