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Gracie Anderson

Master of Public Administration (MPA) student

Gracie graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s in Agribusiness in 2021. She has grown up on a beef cattle farm her entire life and intends to use her degrees to work in the agricultural sector in the federal government. She was selected by Virginia Tech faculty to attend the USDA Agricultural Outlook Form Conference 2020 in Washington D.C. This summer, she will be working as the Governmental Relations Intern for the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. Her research interests and portfolio consist of creating agricultural policies, assessing current agriculture bills, and spotlighting environmental non-profits. Gracie is the first woman in agriculture to go through her program, and it has pushed her to look into the bigger agricultural issues that animate public policy.


  • a commodities research article forecasting Upland Cotton that was published in the 2020 Virginia Cooperative Extension Magazine.