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Nonprofit and N.G.O. Management (NPM)

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Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) offers an exciting certificate in Nonprofit and Non-Governmental Organizations (N.G.O.) Management. We are expanding the reach of the certificate by moving all courses to an online format and focusing the core material on the most vital and urgent management challenges for nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

The certificate is ideal for rising professionals across the globe navigating the complex fiscal, managerial, and networked environments of nonprofits and NGOs during a time of significant change. Courses in the certificate also include a focus on leadership, complex management, and program evaluation with an emphasis on accountability. All courses seamlessly integrate the domestic and international context.

SPIA’s graduate certificate in Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization Management serves graduate students in the Washington Metropolitan area and Blacksburg, and working professionals in both nonprofits/NGOs and the public sector. The certificate fosters the development of students by offering a streamlined curriculum focusing on the seamlessness between international and domestic environments, engaged pedagogy, reflexivity, and collaborative learning.

Admission and award requirements for this certificate program are equivalent to the requirements for the Graduate School and the participating SPIA programs. For persons not already enrolled in a Virginia Tech master’s or doctoral program a Bachelor's Degree and the Graduate School application (Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit and NGO Management) are required.

All students must complete SPIA 5574 and at least three of the other five courses listed below for a total of 12 hours of graduate coursework. Students are required to complete four courses wiht a GPA of 3.0 or better in order to earn the certificate.

  • SPIA 5574: Nonprofit Organization and Management
Three of the following:
  • SPIA 5514: Nongovernmental Organizations in International Development
  • SPIA 5544: Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
  • SPIA 5534: Nonprofit Organization Leadership
  • SPIA 5524: Nonprofit Accountability and Evaluation
  • SPIA 5614: Building Participation and Engagement in Volunteer-Based Organizations
  • SPIA 5564: Nongovernmental Organization Law and Ethics