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Nuclear Science, Technology, and Policy (NSTP)

SPIA Faculty Contact: Patrick Roberts

The Nuclear Science, Technology, and Policy (NSTP) Graduate Certificate integrates policy and management with nuclear science and technology to prepare students from diverse educational backgrounds for careers managing and leading nuclear policy organizations across the spectrum of safety, security, safeguards, and non-proliferation. The Certificate courses offer fundamental knowledge of concepts in nuclear science and technology that are relevant to policy issues, and also provide an introduction to topics in safety, security, and nonproliferation, which occupy the bulk of government concerns with nuclear issues. Finally, the Certificate will allow students to interact with policymakers in the field through briefings, simulations, and exercises at the Certificate’s Northern Virginia locations and institutions, federal agencies, and other partners in Washington, DC.

SPIA is offering this certificate jointly with nuclear science and engineering, and Science and Technology Studies. Professor Sonja Schmid in Department of Science, Technology and Society is the current certificate coordinator. Within SPIA, Professor Patrick Roberts (CPAP) is the contact person for this certificate.