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Transportation Planning and Policy (TPP)

Faculty coordinator: Ralph Buehler

The graduate certificate in Transportation Planning and Policy is designed to teach students about transportation systems and related public policies. Students will learn about travel behaviors and the socioeconomic impact that transportation systems have on surrounding areas (e.g., local, regional, national). Transportation systems can include personal transportation systems (e.g., automobile, bicycle, scooter) and public transportation systems (e.g., buses, trains/subway, shared bicycle/car programs). The program covers topics such as transportation policy and planning issues associated with land use patterns, resource allocations, and changing political environments. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to transportation planning and associated public policies.

Number of Credit Hours
12 credit hours of graduate level courses

Core Courses: 6 credit hours

  • UAP 5644: Transportation Systems Planning (3 credits)
  • UAP 5864: Topics in Transportation Planning and Policy (3 credits)

Restricted Elective courses: 6 credit hours
Students will select two courses from the following list.

  • UAP 5114: Computer Applications in Urban Planning and Management (3 credits)
  • UAP 5224: Planning Methods and Technologies (3 credits)*
  • UAP 5424: Metropolitan Planning Topics (3 credits)
  • UAP 5794: Environmental Planning Studio (3 credits)


*Students in the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program are encouraged to choose electives other than UAP 5224 because UAP 5224 is a required core class for MURP.