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Leadership and Management Pathways Program (LAMPP)

Leadership and Management Pathways Program (LAMPP)

Goals for the LAMPP program focus on identified facility, office, department, or shift group training needs for front line staff and new managers.

These learning goals include:

1. Skill-building around self-awareness and how to apply such awareness at the hospital/center

2. Recognizing the use and merge of management and leadership behaviors

3. Exploring the fundamentals of influencing others

4. Enhancing communication styles and tactics; understanding how to think and act beyond one department or team

5. Creating a toolkit to strengthen manager and facility resiliency

Management skills in organizational development, project management, strategic planning, and the deployment of analytical tools are also curriculum features.

Public speaking training and exercises are included through course presentations, lectures, small group work and individual exercises. LAMPP curriculum is designed for larger state agencies with multiple operations sites spread across the Commonwealth. The program is sometimes deployed in the organizational/departmental level, while the VPSL is offered at the agency level