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Luke Hendrixson

Staff Sargeant at Arms Protective Services, U.S. Senate

What attracted you to the homeland security certificate at VT? 
I studied criminology in undergrad and upon learning about the Homeland Security certificate program, I decided that would be the focus for my electives. There was a professional benefit as well since my organization is involved in the security of the Senate.

What have come to appreciate about the program?
Homeland Security is a cyclical process and does not have a fixed endpoint. Just as national disasters and terrorist threats are always evolving, so too is the practice of homeland security.

What work do you do now?
My team within the Senate Sergeant at Arms produces the ID badges for the US Senate.

How has the homeland security program prepared you for that goal?
Two key principles from the courses are present in my everyday activities, prevention and resiliency. My team is focused on actions that protect the employees, support personnel, and press in the Senate. The entire SAA organization works to adapt to changing conditions in order to avoid any disruption in services.

Overall, how do you feel about your decision to pursue the homeland security certificate?
I am very happy that I pursued the homeland security certificate and I look forward to bringing knowledge, skills, and abilities learned during the certificate program to my organization.